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60 million pounds for getting relegated

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by midfieldDynamo, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Is this just rewarding teams for being rubbish? In the old days of the Prem then I could understand it as teams had often spent a lot on players on big wages but these days clubs are a lot more careful. Why should a team who arent good enough for the prem get 15 million a season head start on a team promoted from League 1?
  2. Lee

    Lee Member

    Same reason. Big wages after buying new players whilst In the prem. This is the reason the payments are made, to help the clubs financially after being relegated.

    I agree, maybe the teams promoted from league 1 should also be awarded some sort of payment.
  3. deansaliba

    deansaliba Member

    I think the teams promoted to the Championship, League One and League Two receive more money than ever before thanks to the payments from Sky and company - obviously it doesn't compare to the Premier League payments but it is nice to see things increasing down the ladder..
  4. chels

    chels Member

    The 'parachute payment' is bad for football, it furthers the gap between the Premier League and the rest.

    Money should be evently distributed throughout the leagues, as it used to be before the formation of the Premier League.

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