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A new begining

Discussion in 'Announcements & Support' started by Creaky, Jul 21, 2015.

  1. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    As you can hopefully tell the site has had a major update over the last few days, to start with we have converted to Xenforo.

    The software change has brought in some new features but some things have been lost in the conversion. The clubs database is still here but is now located in the Showcase, if your club hasn been added yet please feel free to do so. All entries are currently moderated though so they won't appear immediatly.

    I will update this thread with some of the new features in the next couple of days.
  2. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Resonsive Social Sharing buttons have been added to the site.

    The default social sharing buttons have been replaced with a set of responsive buttons, they will resize depending on the device you are viewing the site on.
  3. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Site adverts - please note that adverts are shown to guests only.
    Last edited: Aug 26, 2015

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