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Betting on Games?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by seeya555, Apr 3, 2013.

  1. seeya555

    seeya555 Member

    Do you usually bet on games? I tried it a few times and it certainly did enhance the intensity of the game, but I always so lost so now I am refraining from it. Have you won anything? Also what do you think about combination-bets where you bet on more than one game,and the odds get multiplied?
  2. alexqueiros

    alexqueiros Member

    I used to bet on games, but I'm not very good at it, so i pretty much lost my money, so I sort of gave up on it, but I'd like to try again.
  3. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    I never bet on games these days, never got the results right so gave up.
  4. bazzie89

    bazzie89 Member

    I always have a small bet, virtually every day I have an acca on the footie. I think it is great fun and it also really helps you get involved in leagues all around the world. I don't really win but, then again, I don't really lose. I have a good run and then a bad run and so it goes on. I like trying to find the "angle" in a game. For example, QPR v WIGAN last night I had both teams to score, wasn't thinking that was gonna happen at 0-0 with five minutes remaining!!
  5. deansaliba

    deansaliba Member

    I used to do the pools for my dad when I was young, and this morning I was looking at the online betting sites with a view to putting a cheeky bet on Millwall to knock Wigan out of the FA Cup. It is definitely something you should only try if you know what you are doing and if you can afford it.
  6. Jacknot3d

    Jacknot3d Member

    The best way making money is trading not just betting who winds or doesn't....

    You can control what you earn and lose doing trading and also it has a lot more doing about graphics, predictability and previsibility rather than luck
  7. deebee

    deebee Member

    I am such a sore loser and I am not afriad to say it lol. I love betting on games but I hate losing. I definitely do not take it very well. Usually I bet on games that I really have a good feeling and am confident that I will win. This is not easy to do. I am pretty good at it or maybe I often just have good luck. When I bet, I bet big. It makes my heart race. The thrill for me is like drinking 6 red bull drinks back to back. When I lose a bet I ten to take a few weeks break from it. You never wan't to leave yourself broke from losing several bets and then becoming super depressed. Betting can also become a slight addiction. Use caution.
  8. krismania

    krismania Member

    I used to bed a lot of money before, but I quit. There was no point in continuing as I lost more than what I won. I'm down to betting on fixed games, but it's kind of hard to find a trusted source of information. In my opinon it's risky to even bet on fixed games, everything can happen.

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