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Currently listening to?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Creaky, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    What is your current listening pleasure?
  2. I love music from the 90's. Its very relaxing and it reminds me of my childhood days. Those are sort of music I like to listen when Im cleaning the house or going for a walk in the park.
  3. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    I'm listening to a lot of older stuff at the moment from the 80's and 90's, forget how good some of it is.
  4. Yes, they are more what I call real music. No shouting and screaming and you can understand the song itself. It also has meaning unlike songs nowadays its just nothing like before.
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  5. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Agreed, it's the music I listened to whilst growing up.
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  6. weatherman

    weatherman Member

    At this moment, I'm listening to a live concert by Ennio Morricone, the genious behind the soundtrack of movies such as The Good the Bad and the Ugly, For a Fistful of Dollars, etc.
    I have a pretty eccletic taste in music, but I tend to agree with you guys. I have much more love for older music. I just don't feel so in touch with today's artists, altough I occasionally recognize some to be very talented.
  7. LALucien

    LALucien Member

    At the moment I'm living the motels track 'total control'. It's just blowing me away.
  8. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    I like more alternative stuff, and preferably softer music.
    Right now I'm listening to Fleet Foxes and sometimes The Shins. I also like The Black Keys, but I don't listen to them that often.
  9. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    I used to like house music when I was younger, think it sounds terrible these days. Shows how old I'm getting.
  10. seeya555

    seeya555 Member

    I just recently discovered Jake Bugg. He's this 19 year old guy from the UK who just released his first album "Jake Bugg" and immediately hit #1. For his age he is really talented and I think he'll become very big. I am super excited about seeing him live this summer.
  11. AndrewC

    AndrewC Member

    Right now I'm listening to "Postcard from 1952" by Explosions in the Sky, they're a band from Texas that play Post-Rock. Most people think it's "boring" due to the lack of vocals since it's only 3 guitars and drums but I love to listen to this band when I need a nice quiet time by myself or when I'm stressed out, I recommend it to anyone who's looking for something nice and calm. (If you try it and like it make sure to listen to "Your hand in mine" by them, it's their best song so far)
  12. Exovernian

    Exovernian Member

    Right now I'm listening to the new album by OneRepublic, Native. It's pretty good, but nowhere on the level that waking up was on. Every song in waking up was amazing, but in native there are a handful of good songs and a few bad songs. I can listen to waking up anytime, with any song on the album, and still be satisfied.
  13. daym90

    daym90 Member

    Right now I'm listening to Kendrick Lamar - Bitch Don't Kill My Vibe (Remix). Lately I've been listening to a lot of hip-hop/rap.
  14. deansaliba

    deansaliba Member

    I am currently listening to Darren Styles' second album, Feel The Pressure. He is by far my favourite artist on the rave scene at the moment. :)
  15. alexqueiros

    alexqueiros Member

    Right now I'm listening to M83, a French electronic rock band, possibly one of the best out there. i urge you all to give them a listen.
  16. krismania

    krismania Member

    Right now I am listening to one of Kelly Rowland's songs - Commander ft. David Guetta. The first time I listened to that song was almost two years ago and I still find it likeable. I'll be switching to another song of hers soon.
  17. deebee

    deebee Member

    I love all types of music. It puts me in such a pleasant mood. R&B makes me feel loving and want to jump into a relationship. Rap makes me hyper and arrogant minded. The blues puts me in a super mllow state. Not a sad state. Just mellowed out. Instrumental tracks allow me to make up my own words and I wind up making full songs lol. People tell me that I should go onto American Idol and perform because I have talent. I personally don't think I am ready for the big time just yet. Actually, yes I am. I think it is more so being afraid of the outcome. Rejection is hard for me. I am only human.
  18. Jacknot3d

    Jacknot3d Member

    I started to listen to music almost an hour ago and I'm listening to radio online.

    But i can post the song I am listening:

  19. MidlandToffee

    MidlandToffee Member

    I'm always listening to the 80's Channel Radio on WinAMP. I love the 60's & 80's Music but will generally listen to anything depending on my mood.

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