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Europa League Winners in the Champions League

Discussion in 'UEFA Competitions' started by kateric99, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    I know this is quite old news, but I actually couldn't find the newest article in which UEFA members consider the possibility of having the Europa League winners to qualify automatically to the Champions League as an incentive for the big clubs.

    Anyway, the possibility is being considered as we speak. What are your thoughts?
  2. alfpt

    alfpt Member

    The big problem of the Europa League is that it doesn't give the same cash prizes as the Champions League. The partners are different and the transmission rights are also a lot lower, so that's why the bigger teams don't feel as motivated to play in the Europa League as they would be if they played in the Champions League, some of them just prefer to focus on their domestic leagues and cups. I think what UEFA should really focus in to get the bigger teams interested in the Europa League is to make it more financially attractive.
  3. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    I understand, but by doing that, you'd be taking away the importance of the Champions League instead.
    If both the Europa League and the Champions League were both financially attractive to big clubs, then ending in sixth in the league would be as good as ending in second.
    Wouldn'y you agree?
  4. donaldplozha

    donaldplozha Member

    I am so pro this. This would be real motivation for teams playing in this competition and would make the competition itself much more interesting to the viewers as well.
  5. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    My thoughts exactly :)
    Although we can't make the Europa League more rewarding financially without disrupting the system, we can surely make it rewarding in terms to prestige and motivation.
    Having a guaranteed spot in the Champions League is truly great motivation, and now thinking about the top clubs as well. :)
  6. alfpt

    alfpt Member

    I'm not saying that Europa League and the Champions League should have the same cash prizes, what I'm saying is there is still a big gap between them. I have heard stories that some teams have slacked in the Europa League because going further in the competition would have more costs that going far in the competition but not winning it. Of course the Champions League should give more cash prizes to the clubs, otherwise it would be just like you said, there would be no difference between playing in one or the other.
  7. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    It's quite a good idea, gives the clubs competing a little more incentive to win the competition.
  8. seeya555

    seeya555 Member

    I think it would be a great Idea letting the winners of the EuropaLeague play in the Champion's League. They have already proven that they are among the very best of Europa, even though the level may have been a bit lower. Last year's winner, Atlethico Madrid for example, is a team that I can easily see competing in the Champion's league. Also, sometimes you see "underdogs" like Malaga or Schalke two years ago, proceeding pretty far and that certainly proves that the winner of the Europa League can play in the CL as well.

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