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Favorite Genre(s), Artist(s), and Song(s)?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Exovernian, Mar 29, 2013.

  1. Exovernian

    Exovernian Member

    Personally I like any genre except for metal. I have a few lists of my favorite artists and songs.
    • Country - Luke Bryan or Jason Aldean
    • Rock - The Killers, Linkin Park
    • Hip-hop - Kid Cudi
    • Kid Cudi - King Wizard, Just what I am, Pursuit of Happiness, Day 'n Nite, The Prayer, The End
    • Jason Aldean/Luke Bryan - Water tower, 1994, Country girl (shake it for me)
    • The Killers/Linkin Park - Shadow of the Day, All These Things that I've done, Don't Shoot me Santa
    • Other :
    • Chiddy Bang - Mind your manners
    • Frank Ocean - Thinking about you

    So what about you guys, what are your favorite kinds of music?
  2. AndrewC

    AndrewC Member

    I grew up with metal, I used to listen to bands like Opeth, Nightwish, Katatonia and such, nowadays I'm more of a mellow person and I love listening to Post-Rock all day long, the main band I listen to is Sigur Ros followed by Explosions in the Sky, if you like chill calming music I suggest giving it a try.

    I also love to listen to rock, one of my favorite bands is red hot chili peppers, it gets my all hyper and ready to move on with my day and if I ever feel like listening to something different I'll play Jay Z haha.
  3. alfpt

    alfpt Member

    I listen to quite a varied range of different music genres, but I think the ones I like the most and listen more often is Rock, my favourite band is The Gaslight Anthem. I also really like Post-rock, and I listen to bands like Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles and Sigur Rós. More recently I've been listening a lot to this band called La Dispute, post-hardcore band, and their style is a bit more agressive, but I like it, and they also have some more calming songs, but it's the lyrics what I like the most in them.
  4. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    I like indie rock and progressive rock, even though I'm really not a music enthusiast. I am more of a cinephile, so I only listen to music when I don't have what's needed to watch a movie :)
    My favorite bands are probably Fleet Foxes and Death Cab for Cutie.
  5. krismania

    krismania Member

    I listen to all kinds of music, as long as they please my ear. There are a few bands that I listen quite often to, such as Linkin Park, Disturbed, Sum 41, Static X, Evanescence and so on.
  6. MidlandToffee

    MidlandToffee Member

    No particular favourite. Very open to Music.

    Too many to mention but here's just a few in no particular order... GreenDay, Simple Plan, Madness, Prince, Halestorm, Evanescence, Elvis Presley, Manfred Mann, Alan Jackson, The Dixie Chicks, Keith Urban and the list could go on for a very long time.

    One of my all-time faves is 'When Doves Cry' by Prince and another by GreenDay is 'Minority'.

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