Hello Folks


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Hello fellow football lovers. My name is Adam and I am from Austria. I am 19 years old and I kind of follow the Austrian football league, but usually i just cheer for the team that makes it through to the group stage of the European or the Champion's League. This unfortunately doesn't happen to often, so I tend to support other European clubs. My favorite club outside of Austria is Bayern Munich, but I also like Schalke and Werder Bremen.

I am also a big BPL fan and I play the online Fantasy Premier League. My favorite clubs are Manchester United, Stoke City and Aston Villa. Apart from the Bundesliga and the BPL, I like to occasionally check up on the standings in the Ligue 1 and the Seria A.

Internationally, I support the Austrian national team as well as the German and the Slovakian team.

I hope to have a good and entertaining time around here.