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Robin van Persie: Manchester United could be my last club

Discussion in 'Premier League' started by Creaky, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Source: BBC Sport
  2. donaldplozha

    donaldplozha Member

    Yeah well, why wouldn't he ? He's 29 and very soon he will be past his best, and staying at Manchester United is the best option for him. I very much doubt he's going to remain a quality player for years to come, like Scholes or Giggs. :)
  3. bazzie89

    bazzie89 Member

    Blast! There was me hoping he'd sign for us next season, dream on!
    Joking aside, whether you love him or hate him he is a seriously great player, I remember watching him when he was still fairly new at Arsenal and he did this kind kind of move where he kicked the ball against his other heel and somehow just danced past two defenders, brilliant! Tried it myself in the garden a coule of days later, kicking around with my sons, thought this will impress them, nearly broke me bloomin neck.
  4. seeya555

    seeya555 Member

    Well with the performance he is delivering at Manchester United right now, why shouldn't he stay there? The club is very prestigious and almost guaranteed to play on an European level each year and it would certainly benefit from keeping Robin Van Persie as a striker.

    That said, I hope that if things should ever stop working as well as they do now, and R.V.P slides into a loss of form like e.g. Torres, he will consider leaving the club and going somewhere else, where he can live and play to his fullest potential.
  5. Sants

    Sants Member

    He has 19 goals this season in the Premier League and is very good for his first season at the club. Of course he remained in the same league, but changed the size of the club and especially the pressure put on him and the truth is that it has responded in the best way.

    In my opinion he should stay at Old Trafford for the remainder of his career.
  6. RetJoSek

    RetJoSek Member

    One can only hope that he does stay here at United. I really don't think we'd be top of the league without him. Even though he hasn't been doing as well in the last few matches, I'm hoping he is the new Nistelrooy. (Nistelrooy is one of my top rated players of all time).
    Even if he does go off with age, we should be able to get at least another 3 seasons out of him, I'm just crossing me fingers that he can keep up his performance (or improve on it) from his first season.
  7. daym90

    daym90 Member

    Van Persie carried Arsenal last year and now he's playing for a team that without a doubt will be the champions. Why would he leave? He's not young anymore, he needs stability and a team that can play on his level, something that Manchester United can easily offer. The man deserves to win something, lets face it! He played for a long time at Arsenal, a team known for promoting young talents and making a good squad, but rarely good enough to win something.
  8. Fancy

    Fancy Member

    Van Persie will definitely remain a Manchester united celebrity if he continues with the same speed he has been showing in this club. With his good performance and being at the height of his career, I do not see anything bad with him marking the end of his career here. Being only 29 years means that he can make this club win more than two valuable game seasons. I personally do not see him playing at his late 30s or so but rather retiring at his early 30s. I just hope that he may enable his team to win more champion leagues before he retires.
  9. BhavP

    BhavP Member

    Robin is 29 and in the peak of his career, over the next two years he will reach his heights and then gracefully bow out of football. With this in mind his technique and goal scoring ability will ensure that he will remain a potent striker even when he ages, and lets face it United love keeping on the older players. Therefore it would not surprise me at all if he does stay on at United for the rest of his career.

    As a United fan I would not be complaining if we still have RVP in 6 years time!
  10. He'll stay at Utd to win the title this year and maybe give it three season to try and win a champs league medal. If he does, he'll either retire or go and make a last few big bucks playing in China or Russia. Having said all that, I wouldnt take any players word on it when it comes to staying at a club!
  11. cole_stanley

    cole_stanley Member

    Hopefully he plans on going out on a good note, I wouldn't mind seeing him retire with a cup or two.
  12. bogdanbogdys

    bogdanbogdys Member

    Yes that's very true. I love the game he makes at Manchester.. he's just a great player

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