Should the MLS adjust to the European Leagues?


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I have heard many complaints that the MLS (Major League Soccer=American Football League), should be adjusted to meet European standards, meaning that it should start around Fall and end in late Spring. Currently, the MLS is being played from the March to October. While I understand that the League thinks that if the matches were held between Fall and Spring, a lot of the audience would be lost to the NFL, which is also at that time. This assumption however is wrong in my opinion, because I don't think that NFL fans in America would suddenly watch the MLS just because there is no American Football played and vice-versa.

Another issue are the friendlies. Many American teams want to play friendlies against European clubs. However, these friendlies are played during the summer, where the European Leagues have a break, but the MLS is still in, probably a crucial phase. If an injury or so happens there, it could be fatal for the American team and many people have cried out to either stop these friendlies, or to adjust the system to the European Leagues.

What do you think about that?


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The Americans always wanted to make things their own way. Look at how football was over there in the 70's: No match could end in a draw and did 35-yard shootouts, an offside line, etc.

The fact that they play between March and October is also because many teams wouldn't be able to play in the winter. The USMNT match against Costa Rica showed that.

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