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Ticket prices

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Creaky, Oct 20, 2012.

  1. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Are the price of tickets too expensive? Do the prices put you off going to matches?
  2. I am wishing to see arsenal playing but when I knew the prices for tickets to see the match it did really put me off right away. I was thinking Ill try to save up a little bit more so I can see arsenal playing in future. Its just too much money!
  3. Creaky

    Creaky Admin

    Tickets prices are way too expensive these days, should really bring them down.

    Non league prices are very good and you get to see some good games.
  4. I agree, they should bring them down to give people an opportunity to see a match as well. Thats why I always ended up in the telly if arsenals playing cos I cant afford.
  5. LALucien

    LALucien Member

    You're right ticket prices are silly nowadays but I guess it's all to keep the players playin really ain't it. I mean where do you think the clubs get all those millions to buy players?
    What we should probably be complaining about is his much they get payed. Maybe if that was less out ticket prices would go down? Just a thought
  6. kateric99

    kateric99 Member

    I don't really know how clubs' finances work, but I'm pretty sure they could sell much more tickets if they sold them for less.
    If this would actually be beneficial for the clubs, I can't know for sure.
  7. alfpt

    alfpt Member

    I have looked at ticket prices for Premier Leagues and yes, they are really expensive, even for Championship games I think they are quite expensive. In my case, I have been buying a season ticket for the last five years and I think it is a great deal if you go to the stadium a lot of times.
  8. deansaliba

    deansaliba Member

    For lower league sides I think this might be true but it is a HUGE gamble that a lot of clubs are not prepared to take. A lot of lower league sides do "kid for a quid" deals where a child can get into a game for only £1 and I can only speak for Millwall but it doesn't work a lot of the time.

    The big clubs in the Premier League have no reason to lower prices as not only do they sell out every game but they also have a waiting list of people who would like to buy tickets if some fans can't attend.
  9. AndrewC

    AndrewC Member

    I used to live in Barcelona and I never went to a game because of the prices, they were extremely high and I'd rather spend the money on some snacks, some drinks and watch it at home with friends or whoever's around, I really think they should think more about the fans when it comes to pricing, sometimes I see the stadiums packed and I say to myself "Damn with how things are nowadays and the high prices I'm surprised it is that full"
  10. alexqueiros

    alexqueiros Member

    I've been to 3 FC Porto games and I never paid a dime, they were either offered or were prizes. The ticket prices are way too high even for the cheapest seats. I think that lowering ticket prices would be a great strategy, not only to improve enviroment but also to get more people in the stands, because in most leagues they are quite empty.
  11. Jacknot3d

    Jacknot3d Member

    I consider this too.

    The tickets are even more expensive when Porto goes away, because that's when the minor teams do some cash.

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