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Whats happened to boro?

Discussion in 'Championship' started by Lee, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. Lee

    Lee Member

    After starting the season so well, it seems middlesbrough are in free fall now.

    We will be lucky to finish top half of the table, never mind pushing for a playoff place. Thats just a pipe dream now! :(
  2. bazzie89

    bazzie89 Member

    Take it your a supporter? Strange that it seems no time ago that they were mixing it with the Big boys in the Prem. Can never understand why that part of the uk seems to struggle to get a team in the top four consistently given the level of support up there. You have to worry now when you drop into the championship, one bad season then in a tough league, drop one more and games up, tough to get back then, look at Leeds, though they seem on the come back trail now.
  3. Boro are symptomatic of a lot of championship sides in that they lack consistency. Better to come with a late run than have a good start because its a 46 game season. Cardiff have a the odd blip but they have kept injury-free too so that's helped.
  4. Lee

    Lee Member

    Yeah - I am a supporter. I had a season ticket till a few years ago - work scuppered that though.

    Many calling for Mowbrays head now! I don't see what good that will do though personally.
  5. cole_stanley

    cole_stanley Member

    I don't think it's Mowbray's fault at all. Give the guy a little more than three years, especially after his freshman year with Boro.
  6. Lee

    Lee Member

    I totally agree. He is a good manager, even if sometimes tactically you get the impression he has run out of ideas. The problem is that our board don't want to invest, we are struggling along on free and budget transfers - and lets face it, Middlesbrough isn't an attractive place to come.

    We need 5 mil in the summer, buy a decent goal scoring striker and a decent center back, new winger too. Let Emnes go, he is useless and get rid of McManus if you aren't going to use him. We have a load of fringe players that look like they are going to be very, very good.
  7. Lee

    Lee Member

    ....and finally we got a win! About bloody time lads. Still no chance of catching the playoff chasers now though. Ruined our season totally!

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