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Who's to be the Next Real Madrid Manager??

Discussion in 'General Football News' started by bazzie89, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. bazzie89

    bazzie89 Member

    Given that it is a cert that Jose is on his way out at the end of this season who is the leading candidate? Quite a few names being banded about, amongst them Benitez, guess Chelski supporters will be gutted to see him go, not!
    I thought, interestingly, AVB being linked. Jose's "apprentice" doing well at Spurs and dangling a huge carrot in the form of Gareth Bale??
    Stranger things have happened for sure ;)
  2. alexqueiros

    alexqueiros Member

    It'll be Mancini. Just kidding haha.
  3. I think that Jose shouldn't leave Madrid i mean they've criticized him and for nothing he got madrid to win a Copa del Rey, a La Liga(thing that they couldn't do beacuse of barcelona's domination in the league) and he got them to three consecutive Semi-Final in the Uefa Champions League so he shouldn't leave

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